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Meet the DRS Group

DRS Group consists of several companies specialized in the clinical trial, hospital, and pharmaceutical market. Each one of the companies of the Group acts in a specific area, such as sourcing national and international drugs, exportation and importation, logistics for clinical trials and high- complexity products.

A complete company

By offering solutions in all areas, the DRS Group is the only company in the sector that offers a complete business structure:

The DRS Warehouse is the unit that takes care of the various aspects involved in stock management, logistics management, inventory, kitting, labeling and packaging

The Suporte Med is one of the companies of the DRS group and is a pioneer in providing medicines and clinical supplies with focus directed to the needs and demands of studies and projects

We are your ideal business partner

Because we have a complete infrastructure, we can act in all stages of the clinical chain.

The DRS Group believes that the most its customers, who recommend the company with confidence and security. So, we are fully committed to mapping and providing solutions to our partners.

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Another company of DRS Group, the DRS Courier transports special materials for clinical studies, high complexity products and patient programs

A company of the DRS Group, the DRS Import acts on import and export of products for clinical trials, laboratory kits and medicines, among other items.