DRS Warehouse
a DRS Group Company

State of the art facilities

It has licenses and capacity to store all classes of drugs as controlled drugs (344), investigational drugs, clinical supplies, cosmetics, and medical products. All medications are stored following the recommendations and temperature conditions specified by the manufacturers.

Validated ambient temperature controlled areas (15C to 25C;
Validated Walk in Cold Chamber (2C to 8C
Validated Frozen Chamber

DRS Warehouse services:

Logistics Management: We conduct all logistical steps, such as receipt of goods, physical and documentary checks, storage and shipments. With the data matrix system, we can track the items safely from beginning to their final destination;

IVRS: Activation of products before the management systems for the early release of orders and maintenance of information;

Inventory: Customers of the DRS Group receive management reports with products’ inventories and strategic information that can assist in managing the studies demands; ·Kits assembly : We are the only company in Brazil recognized and approved by one of the largest laboratories in the world to assemble laboratory kits and make them available for the sites. This local production minimizes the costs with importation and transport, enabling the easier patients inclusion in the clinical trials;

Labelling: Identification and labeling of all products, according to information from customers and the GCP regulations; ·Validated packaging: Intelligent validated packaging solutions for product transport, according to temperature and transport conditions requirements;

One of the biggest advantages of the company is that all services are supervised by pharmaceutical professionals with expertise in clinical research, and have been receiving constant training provided by DRS’ Quality Department to keep our professional team updated and in line with the good clinical practices, ensuring perfect execution of the DRS procedures.

A Complete Business

Due to our complete infrastructure, we can operate onall stages of the
clinical chain: