DRS Suportemed
a DRS Group company

Suportemed is pioneer in providing comparator drugs and medical supplies with focus on the needs and demands of clinical trials and high-complexity projects.

DRS Suportemed services:

Purchase and provide worldwide provision comparator drugs, clinical supplies and all items are required for clinical trials conduction.

International sourcing and support for nationalization, transportation, and storage of products used in clinical trials, thereby, reducing the difficulties and obstacles to the acquisition thereof.

With a subsidiary located in Florida, in the US, Suportemed maintains partnerships with European and North-American suppliers. All importation processes meet the strict rules of the Brazilian legislation (Anvisa), as well as the international rules of FDA and EMEA.

Valuing the high standard of control, Suportemed is also the first wholesaler in Brazil to use a data matrix system for full tracking of products, as recommended by Anvisa.

A Complete Business

Due to our complete infrastructure, we can operate on
all stages of the clinical chain: