DRS Imports
a DRS Group Company

DRS Imports is engaged in the importation and exportation of products for clinical trials, laboratory kits and medicines, among other clinical items.

Its goal is to meet an important customer demand for comprehensive advice on the importation and exportation chain. Each step is carefully analyzed and planned to meet the physical, financial, logistical, and regulatory standards.

Our professional team is qualified with extensive experience in the international market and is able to manage, coordinate, and advise foreign trade projects.

Imports Services:

Importation of products for clinical trials, compassionate use programs and “EAP”, providing post-trial drugs and laboratory kits;

Export of “leftovers” of drugs previously imported and clinical trial products to be developed in other countries, as well as Lab Kits and biological samples for analyzes in foreign laboratories;

Advice on Foreign Trade situations of tax classifications, ex-tariff, drawback, customs clearance, radar for individuals and companies, outsourcing of the foreign trade department, study of special exemption benefits, cost analysis, representation at Anvisa and the IRS.

DRS TeamOur team of professionals is qualified with extensive experience in the international market and able to manage, coordinate and assist foreign trade projects.

A Complete Business

Due to our complete infrastructure, we can operate on
all stages of the clinical chain: