DRS Group.
Driving Research Support

DRS Group consists of several companies specialized in the clinical trial, hospital, and pharmaceutical market.

Each one of the companies of the Group acts in a specific area, such as sourcing national and international drugs, exportation and importation, logistics for clinical trials and high-complexity products.

By providing solutions in all areas, DRS Group is the only company of the segment that offers a complete business structure (Warehouse, Courier, Suportemed – Wholesaler, and Imports) that distributes, stores, manages, and imports / exports, ensuring full support to all customers, as Clinical Research Organizations (CRO), Pharmaceutical Companies and Clinical Research Centers.

DRS Group can act in all stages of the clinical chain.

Mission:To combine the strategic, productive, and innovative potential of the DRS Group to provide, with the timeliness required by the customers, all products required for clinical trials. To ensure the flow of materials without risk of compromising the treatment of patients.

Vision:To be the biggest ally of bio / pharmaceutical companies, CROs, and the scientific community to support the development and distribution of innovative products.

Our Structure


Through its companies, DRS Group offers the following services:

  • Provision of comparator drugs (national or imported) and clinical supplies;
  • Monitoring of nationalization procedures for the products used in clinical trials;
  • Support for importation and exportation, with international logistics management;
  • Storage;
  • Inventory control;
  • Logistics Management;
  • Development and customization of laboratory kits and medicines;
  • National and international transport.

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A Complete Business

Due to our complete infrastructure, we can operate on
all stages of the clinical chain: