DRS Courier
a DRS Group Company

The DRS Courier holds special transport for clinical trials, high-complexity products, biological samples and specialty patient programs.

Its transport system enables customers to have access to accurate information in real time on the transit and delivery status, Characterizing micro-logistics, which consists of personalized logistics, with exclusively dedicated operational team.

What We Do:

The delivery of products to the right place for the right people and within the time agreed is a responsibility we have to our customers:

  • Supply of medicines (domestic or imported) and clinical supplies;
  • Monitoring of processes of nationalization of products used in clinical trials;
  • Transport of medicines and controlled substances, as well as clinical supplies and Lab Kits; · Transport of samples of biological material (UN2814/UN3373) and advisory services for the issuance of legal documents
  • Real-time monitoring, from the collection to the end destination;
  • Provision of packaging appropriate to the type of product, conservation of items and record of temperature during transport;
  • Reverse logistics of medicines, correlated, Lab Kits and biological samples;
  • Critical loads transport accompanied by a DRS Courier official.
  • Micro-logistics for Customer Service and high complexity/high cost product transportation.

Structures and licenses
Operating Base: Based at the Anhanguera Logistics Center, the DRS Group maintains a qualified team of drivers to transport medicines, substances and biological samples.
Additionally, there is a direct and exclusive customer service channel with real-time information on the traceability of products.

A Complete Business

Due to our complete infrastructure, we can operate on all stages of the
clinical chain: